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About Us

Program Development

The staff of LongEDA has been the leader in the creation and management of most of the unique economic development common bond programs throughout the U.S., including the Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund and the regional Port Authority bond fund programs in Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Columbus and Dayton.

Corporate Entities
• Developers
• Business Owners
• Commercial Banks
• Real Estate Brokers
• Law Firms

Registered Municipal Advisor With SEC/MSRB

The firm is a registered Municipal Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB).

Non-Profit Organizations
• Economic Development Entities
• Healthcare Organizations
• Chamber of Commerce’s
• Trade Associations
• Charter and Educational Groups

Project Experience

LongEDA’s professionals have a proven track record of successfully structuring over 450 public-private projects for over $3.75 billion.

Governmental Entities
• States
• Counties
• Cities
• Townships
• Villages
• Port Authorities

• Federal Government


LongEDA is a full-service independent financial advisory firm, specializing in public-private economic development projects and tax-increment financing. LongEDA was founded in 2011 and is strategically located in Columbus, Ohio. The professionals at LongEDA have over 40 years of experience in economic development and project finance.


More Than An Outside Advisor

One of our goals is to be viewed as an extension of our client’s staff versus an outside financial advisor. The firm focuses solely on providing independent financial advisory services, which eliminates the conflict of underwriting a client’s bonds or managing assets. Our effort goes beyond the specific transaction.

Tax Increment Financing

LongEDA is one of the most experienced financial advisory firms concerning real estate and sales tax TIF bonds in the U.S., having completed TIF projects in each of the last five decades in over ten states, including the $250 million Flats East Bank Redevelopment Project in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.