Long Economic Development Advisors
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We provide comprehensive financial advisory services for public-private projects. We specialize in the following forms of financing and projects:

Type of Financing
• Tax Increment Financing
• Special Assessment Financing
• PACE Financing
• Industrial Development Bonds
• 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Bonds
• Governmental Lease Financing
• Incentive programs: EB5, NMTC, 504 Loans, etc.
• Conventional Financing


Type of Projects
• Infrastructure Projects

• P3 Projects
• Structured and Surface Parking Projects
• Real Estate Development Projects
• Energy Improvement and Efficiency Projects
• Commercial, Industrial and Housing Projects
• Transportation Projects
• Governmental Projects
• Casino and other Gaming Projects

General Economic Development Services
• Help create & maintain economic development programs
• Provide TIF advisory services
• Track TIF revenues
• Review compensation agreements
• Assist in development of TIF policy and procedures
• Individual advisory services for new TIF projects
• Provide annual disclosure services
Project Related Services
• Help develop a financing plan of action
• Review all project information (i.e. financial statements, flow of funds, feasibility studies, projections)
• Coordinate financing team
• Assist in securing public funding sources for qualified projects
• Assist in preparation of loan applications and presentations
• Provide financing timeline and term sheet
• Identify the most efficient financing structure
• Advise on requirements of the bond rating agencies and bond investors
• Develop rating & marketing strategy and presentation material
• Assist with developing and ensuring quality of the legal documentation
• Coordinate selection of the best and lowest cost underwriter(s)/private placement agent
• Monitor and ensure quality of underwriter performance
• Coordinate closing procedures with financing team